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Apparel and Accessories

Birth of Venus painted on silver espadrilles.

Hand painted lake scene, framed in gold trim.

Elegant and classic, a sailboat scene painted on the back of a denim jacket.

Classical paintings from the 16th to 19th centuries are painstakingly hand painted on denim jackets.  Truly wearable art!

Toile de Jouy, Painted on Vans

Hand Painted Vans

Classic toile de jouy gets a fun update on this denim jacket.

Hand painted scene on the bottom of a pair of jeans.  Show stoppers!

Embroidered toile de jouy for a pair of jeans, a sweater, or a bag.

Hand-Painted Buttons

Hand painted on coconut shell buttons, the scenery is painted so that a coordinating color of thread can almost seem invisible when attached to a scarf, shawl or sweater.